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Gilofa Travel

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Compression 18-21 mm/Hg

Sporty and elegant travel stockings

Gilofa Travel is a must-have while travelling. It's perfect to take on holiday and suitable for frequent business flyers as well thanks to its breathable material composition.

Thanks to its high breathability, Gilofa Travel is ideal to wear while travelling. It supports blood circulation and helps prevent travel thrombosis, thus making it perfect for all trips, whether you have a long trip to a scenic lake up ahead, hours of flying to an exotic holiday destination, or you're heading off for a business trip. Tailored to the individual, Gilofa Travel is available as a knee-high stocking in four different sizes. The size of Gilofa Travel depends on the individual circumference and length measurements to ensure a perfect fit and correct pressure distribution.

Compressive support that's perfect for everyone!

The upright gait of humans is the beginning of all vein problems. While the oxygen-enriched blood reaches the legs almost by itself, returning to the heart is a little more difficult. The need to pump the oxygen-poor blood from below back up to the heart. While walking, our calf muscles, among other things, support the veins, squeeze them together and thus push the blood upwards. However, people who stand or sit a lot make their veins' job a lot harder. This can cause the blood to pool in the legs.

Salespeople, field staff, frequent travellers, office workers, and many other professional groups will be all familiar with this problem. In the evening, their legs are often swollen, tired, and feel heavy. In these cases, it is advisable to take precautions by wearing support stockings to help promote circulation and prevent travel thrombosis.

The stocking exerts controlled pressure on the leg from outside.

The blood inside the veins flows better and faster.

Compression Class: 1
40,00 €32,00 €
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How to measure?cB - ankle circumference. Measure the circumference of the ankle accurately by tightening the tape measure. Measure in the narrowest place!
How to measure?cD- paceles apkārtmērs. Mēram apakšstilba apkārtmēru paralēli grīdai 2 cm zem ceļa locītavas
How to measure?lD - apakšstilba garums. Mēram apakšstilba iekšpusi no zemes līdz punktam 2 cm zem ceļa locītavas.

How to take measurements

  • When taking measurement, tighten the tape measure tightly ( the measure must be firm).
  • With regular use and proper care the lifespan is limited to 6 months.