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As most websites, SIA “Flebomedika” domain collects data of its visitors to maintain and improve services provided.

Data collection is limited to Data privacy policy which gives strict guidlines of data usage and further access of this information.

In order follow these limitations and respect customers rights to privacy, Flebomedika has prepared further information for its users.

Please read the information regarding our Privacy policy below.

As your data holder, Flebomedika has rights to introduce changes to the Privacy Policy guidelines . If you have any questions or requests concerning the Privacy Policy, please contact us by writing to :

Flebomedika process data for  following purposes:

  • to improve our website and webshop ( more information – Use of cookies)
  • to offer you the opportunity to receive service:

Flebomedika highly appreciates every Customer, we respect you and care for your data, therefore we offer you to see how and for what purposes your data will be processed:

  • Booking a procedure via online or call center – name, surname, phone number, email, type of procedure and time/specialist preference. And any additional information provided by user. Data is used to reserve time for procedure and contact customer in case of possible changes.
  • Contact us via online form – name, email and any additional information provided. Data is used to contact customer.
  • Order via online shop  – name, surname, phone number, email, home address, details of purchase. Data is used to fill in and send invoice, contact customer regarding purchase or delivery, or remind regarding expiry date of products when applies.
  • Sign up for Privilege card benefits – name, surname, phone number, email and date of birth. Data is used to provide information regarding privilege card program.

Collection of this data is based on following measures– customers request and confirmation, contract between parties and guidelines for providing service requested according to Privacy Policy.

We may email you marketing materials containing information on our actions, novelties and other information, if you have completed puchase at or if you have agreed receiving updates when Signing up for Privilege card.

If you want to unsubscribe, please e-mail us to:

Any and all information provided to us by the Customer is not available to any Third Party unless such disclosure of Personal Data has legal base. We may transfer your Personal Data to the Third Parties providing, for example, marketing, delivery, accounting and IT services, for the provision of such services.

For all purposes of processing of Personal Data of the Customer, such data is obtained and processed by Flebomedika and our cooperation partners that provide, in addition to the foregoing, communication, banking, legal and other services.

We ensure that only those persons that are directly connected with the performance of the Contract or provision of Services have the access to Customer’s personal information and scope of information available is only to the extent this is necessary for performance of job obligations by such person.

Google Analytics is provided by Google Inc. (USA),who follows all the EU privacy laws and standarts. More information you can find

In seperate Flebomedika Websites where you can write a question or a review, using  Disqus – Flebomedika do not take responsibility how the data is provided, it is determined by the Disqus politics.

All Customer related information is maintained as evidence confirming the identity of the Customer, conclusion of the Contract and provision of Services.

Customer’s Personal Data is stored as long as it is necessary or is permitted for the purposes it has been collected. Certain Personal Data can be stored for a longer period to fulfill other legal obligations or to exercise our rights.

By contacting as via e-mail, you can exercise  the rights to request to:

  • Access to your personal data;
  • Change your personal data;
  • Cancel your given agreements to process your data.

In separate cases you have rights to request protection of your data. Therefore rights of privacy apply and you can ask for personal data processing limitations or for it to be deleted completely.

Privacy rights can be used according to EU and Latvian Republic law.

If personal data is deleted upon request, Flebomedika will hold only copy of data needed to protect our or third parties personal interest. As well to proceed in case of disagreements, responsibilities and rights as to contract assigned between parties.

You can refuse online cookies

If you are concerned that your Privacy Policy is violated, you may contact

You may contact us any time and obtain additional information on processing activities.

Our contact information:

Address: Brīvības Street 148, Rīga, Latvia
Cantact number: +371 67 37 47 47

SIA “Flebomedika” ir noslēdzis 2016. Gada 16. Septembrī līgumu Nr.SKV-L_2016/785 ar Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūru par atbalsta saņemšanu pasākuma « Starptautiskās konkurētspējas veicināšana » ietvaros, ko līdzfinansē Eiropas Reģionālās attīstības fonds