Lastofa Thigh-Length Stockings - interneta veikals

Lastofa Thigh-Length Stockings

  • Prevents swelling of the legs
  • Foundation of every treatment for vein conditions
  • Prophylaxis and recovery of Thrombosis
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Compression 23-32 mm/Hg

The universal medical compression

Lastofa is suitable for women and men and for every connective tissue. It is a stocking which is suitable for everyday life and guarantees reliable support. The simple design and the eight different colours make it a popular unisex choice. Lastofa offers the highest medical efficacy, even in cases of advanced venous diseases or very weak connective tissue.

Thigh compression stockings include bands with adhesive qualities to ensure a perfect fit and to prevent the stockings from sliding down.

Compression – the basis of the treatment

Compression therapy is the foundation of every vein treatment and the basis of preventive measures. Early support means relief, recovery, and care.

In cases of venous diseases, compression therapy is the core of every treatment. Once a vein is enlarged (varicose vein), it will not recede and requires ongoing support through compression. Even after atrophy or venous surgery, compression stockings are used to ensure successful treatment.

Pressure decreases from the bottom upwards

Compression stockings apply accurately defined mechanical pressure on the enlarged venous vessels and the leg from the outside. They squeeze the veins together, thereby decreasing the veins’ diameter, and close the venous valves again. The blood in the veins can now flow in an improved and faster manner.

Medical compression stockings guarantee correct amounts of pressure as well as medically dosed drops in pressure. Around the ankle, the pressure of the compression stocking is the highest and it decreases towards the top. This accelerates the venous blood return to the heart and the blood circulation in the leg noticeably improves.

Pressure gradients of medical compression stockings.

Compression Class: 2
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How to measure?cB – potītes apkārtmērs. Precīzi mēram potītes apkārtmēru, stingri pievelkot mērlenti, tieši virs potītes kauliņa, tās šaurākajā vietā.
How to measure?cG - augšstilba apkārtmērs. Mēram augšstilba apkārtmēru paralēli grīdai 2 cm zem dibena vaiga.
How to measure?lG - augšstilba garums. Mēram kājas iekšpusi no zemes līdz punktam 2 cm zem dibena vaiga.

How to take measurements

  • When taking measurement, tighten the tape measure tightly ( the measure must be firm).
  • With regular use and proper care the lifespan is limited to 6 months.