Memory, Knee-High Stockings - interneta veikals

Memory, Knee-High Stockings

  • Prevents swelling of the legs
  • Foundation of every treatment for vein conditions
  • Prophylaxis and recovery of Thrombosis
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Compression 23-32 mm/Hg

Elegant medical compression stockings

Memory compression stockings are a stylish and elegant addition to the fashion-conscious woman. With a delicate transparency and a light gloss, they are ideal for those with varicose veins and other vein problems. These circular-knitted compression stockings have also been given a Red Dot Award for exceptional product design.

The Memory Knee-High stockings go up to just below the knee and are fitted with 5cm wide leg bands, which reliably fix the stockings in place without restriction. The bands contrast visually with the rest of the knitted fabric with their fine rib structure.

Compression – The Basis for Treatment

Compression treatment is the foundation of every kind of treatment for vein conditions and is also the basis for preventative measures. For healthy legs, this means early support in relief, recovery and care.

In the case of a vein disorder, a vein can expand and not return to normal. This is known as varicose veins and requires long term support through compression. Even after sclerosis or varicose veins, compression stockings are used to ensure the success of the treatment.

Pressure decreases from the bottom up

Compression stockings exert precisely defined mechanical and external pressure on the enlarged venous vessels and also on the leg. They compress the veins, therefore narrowing the vein diameter, allowing the venous valves to close up again. The blood in the veins can now flow better and faster once more.

Medical compression stockings guarantee correct levels of pressure ​​and a medically dispensed drop in pressure. The pressure of the compression stocking is at its strongest around the ankle and decreases as the stockings move upwards. This speeds up blood flow back to the heart and noticeably improves the blood circulation in the leg.

Distribution of Pressure in Medical Compression Stockings

Compression Class: 2
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How to measure?cB - ankle circumference. Measure the circumference of the ankle accurately by tightening the tape measure. Measure in the narrowest place!
How to measure?cD- paceles apkārtmērs. Mēram apakšstilba apkārtmēru paralēli grīdai 2 cm zem ceļa locītavas
How to measure?lD - apakšstilba garums. Mēram apakšstilba iekšpusi no zemes līdz punktam 2 cm zem ceļa locītavas.

How to take measurements

  • When taking measurement, tighten the tape measure tightly ( the measure must be firm).
  • With regular use and proper care the lifespan is limited to 6 months.