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Herzog PRO, Sport Compression Armsleeves



Recommended for Volleyball, Tennis, Athletics, Basketball, Golf, and other sports with increased load on the hands.

  • Reduces the possibility of arm sprains and muscle injuries
  • Reduces muscle pain by accelerating the excretion of lactic acid;
  • Improves blood circulation, oxygen supply, increases energy
  • Reduces muscle vibration, stabilizes muscles;
  • Promotes faster muscle recovery after exercise;
  • Compressed compression from the wrist to the armpit

How to measure:

  • Wrist circumference;
  • Biceps circumference for slightly bent arm;
  • Arm circumference 3 cm below the armpit.


Type of stockings

Arm segments, Compression for sports

Use of socks

Compression for sports

Pressure mm/Hg

23-32 mm/Hg

Compression levels


Sock brand

Herzog PRO – for sports

Compression class



For men, For women, Unisex



In order for compression socks to fulfill their function, it is very important to buy them with specific sizes, so please provide the required information below.

When taking measurements, pull the measuring tape tight, the circumference should be tight.

Purchased a product

Where to measure?
Where to measure?
Where to measure?

More information:

Care of compression products

Wash daily by hand or on a delicate fabric program at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees with a mild detergent without fabric softener and rinse them well. Do not place them on a heater or in direct sunlight. Never iron armsleeves.

Composition of compression products

73% polyamide, 27% elastane.

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