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Memory Aloe Vera, Knee-High Stockings



Medical compression stockings with aloe vera and vitamin E, which take care of the skin of the feet, reduce the discomfort of dry skin, and moisturize. Lasting effect even after 100 washes.


Memory Aloe Vera contains a combination of Aloe Vera extracts and Vitamin E that is directly integrated into the yarn. It simply moisturises the skin when the stockings are worn. This can help skin irritation to subside and dry skin does not occur in the first place.

  • Increases the effectiveness of vein treatment
  • Prevents swelling of the legs
  • Reduces the risk of thrombosis


Type of socks

Crew socks

Use of socks

Maternity compression socks, Medical-grade and post surgery socks

Pressure mm/Hg

23-32 mm/Hg

Compression levels


Sock brand

Memory – compression class 2 (95)

Compression class


Available foot sizes

36-40, 41-45


Black, Natural colour


In order for compression socks to fulfill their function, it is very important to buy them with specific sizes, so please provide the required information below.

When taking measurements, pull the measuring tape tight, the circumference should be tight.

Purchased a product

Where to measure?
Where to measure?
Where to measure?

More information:

Care of compression products

Wash daily by hand or on a delicate fabric program at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees with a mild detergent without fabric softener and rinse them well. Do not place them on a heater or in direct sunlight. Never iron stockings.

Composition of compression products

42% elastane, 41% polyamide (aloe vera with vitamin E), 17% polyamide (microfiber)