Sejas maskas - Anti-aging kosmētika - interneta veikals

Dermastir Hyaluronic Invisible Face Mask is a medical device used post-op by dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

14,00 €

The Dermastir Leave-in mask is to be applied after the day or night cream and this is done so that the ingredients in the creams remain for a longer time in the skin. 50 ml.

69,00 €

Dermastir Luxury Mask is used to repair intensively all the layers of the skin. 50 ml 

66,00 €

This hydrating mask brightens up dark circles and the absorption of ingredients is 50 times the common eye membrane. 6 ml

6,00 €

This unique formula with Ellagic acid, a skin conditioning whitening ingredient, that reduces dark pigmentation on the skin, leaves the skin looking fair and radiant. 30 ml

15,00 €

Alta Care Laboratoires utilizes biotechnology to manufacture the skin tissue-like material. 30 ml

15,00 €